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Information Technology, we support the development of interactive web sites for educational purposes, where we can see that there is insufficient existing coverage. Our two most well known web sites are to assist Key Stage 2 creative writing, and undergraduates studying the subject of particle technology at university and college. The creative writing web site is: storywrite.co.uk and is designed to help parents, and guardians, assist their children to develop their creative writing and editing skills. This is particularly relevant in days of lockdown and home schooling. There are numerous resources on the web site and an interactive story writing facility, including editing, which has eveolved from a PhD study on the subject.

The undergraduate level web site supporting the learning of particle technology is: particles.org.uk. which has an interactive facility for testing students understanding of the subject, based on the questions that exist at the end of each of the chapters in the book Fundamentals of Particle Technology. The web site also has numerous video files, hosted on YouTube, providing worked solutions to these problems. There are also numerous spreadsheets that can be downloaded with engineering calculations solved, all on the subject of particle technology. This subject is commonly encountered in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental degree level courses.

Story writing web site

Particle Technology web site

Publishing,low cost but highly informative educational books for science and engineering, as well as travel to less well-known places.

Conventional text books for undergraduate degree courses can cost upwards of GBP 30. Some books in this market are clearly aimed at institutional libraries with a list price of well over GBP 100. The philosophy at MidlandiT has always been to publish high quality, introductory texts at very affordable prices. We started on this mission in the year 2002, using a local printer and nowadays the availability of ebooks, and platforms which can be used to disttribute them, has made publishing textbooks even simpler and provides wider access.

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