The Sad Angel of Stoupa

sad angel of stoupa book

The Sad Angel of Stoupa; paperback ISBN 978-0-9543881-1-9

The true story of a Greek rescue dog (171 pages)

Short description
In a category sometimes referred to as 'faction' this is the story of a Greek hunting dog abandoned on the streets of a holiday resort and subsequently rescued by an animal charity and re-homed in England

More detail:
He was a legend, a wonder-dog, a laughing stock, a stray.

This book tells the story of one special dog, one in a million, yet one of millions. There are so many like him, cast out to a life on the streets where some survive and some don't. For those who are lucky and can find their way into human hearts, a better life awaits.

But what is it like to be a stray dog? And how do you find that loving family that wants you, and only you? Chester provides some of the answers in this remarkable canine autobiography.

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